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Amazon Recommendations

Grow with these Books


Chasing the Scream

Money Mindset: The Soul of Money

Spiritual Growth:

A New Earth


The China Study


Talking to Strangers

Self Care at Home 

Electric Candle Lighter

Candle Wick Trimmer

Duvet Insert with Tabs

6 Piece Sheet Set


Skin & Gut Health

Aloe Vera Gel- 

Skin Care Routine

Vitamin D-

Most people are deficient

Powerbeats Pro Wireless

Blue Light Blocking Frames


Enameled Dutch Oven

Slow Cooker with Lid Lock

Bamboo Tea Box

Enameled Cast Iron Grill Pan

Puncture Proof Dish Gloves

Glass Storage Containers

Electric Tea Kettle

Fridge Organization

Meat Thermometer

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