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The Ultimate Grocery List

The Ultimate Grocery List

 "The Ultimate Grocery List," is the only 2-page grocery list you will ever need. This list can be used at any store you frequent, to be sure you're purchasing the best quality ingredients. Grocery shoping can be overwhelming for most with all the labels the food industry uses to reel us into buying their products.  Poor diet is responsible for $50 billion/year in healthcare related costs in the states and that's $300 yearly per person. Do you want to fund an industry that seeks to only alleviate symptoms and not cure diseases or do you want to pay for enjoyable food? I'll pick the latter. 


This guide is the baby of "Buying Health: Your Guide to Balanced Grocery Shopping," which gives you concrete explanations about what you're buying and gives examples of what should and shouldn't be purchased. "Buying Health" is the product you purchase, when you don't have time to take the nutrition class. "Buying Health" provides the foundation, "The Ultimate Grocery List" gives you the power via a list for each grocery trip you make.


Tip: Print or save on your phone and take it with you to the store, until you're confident enough to make the best food choices. 

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